Modelling and Ergonomics


We offer:

  • Ergonomic analyses, covering among others testing the range of limbs, field of vision, comfort zones, made according to the PN-EN 894 and PN-EN ISO 6682 Standards.
  • Analyses and shaping the relationships in anthropometric systems of complex mechanical systems based on author’s methods using the computer models of work and machines environment.
  • Early identification of technical hazards and health risk during operation of mechanical systems  (with use of Virtual Reality)
  • Expert opinions, prepared upon the court request, to recreate accidents and their causes.
  • Visualization of accidents circumstances and causes, creation of multimedia training materials presenting progress of events in a form of computer animation or video recording of the real places.
  • Development of interactive training materials, so called Serious Games, using state-of-the-art solutions of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality based on authors computer programmes and commercial graphic engines.
  • Creation of technical manuals, which include applications of differentiated functionality, realized by the author’s INSTO system. Preparation of the solution basing on S1000D, MIL-PRF-87268A standards in a version for desktop computers, mobile devices or in a form of internet applications,
  • Creation of internet application enable data collecting, achieving and processing, basing on own software programme solutions (PHP, JavaScript, MySQL)
  • Preparation of information materials illustrating the principle of operation of machines and equipment including advertising materials for the purpose of trade fairs and exhibitions,
  • Construction of mobile simulators for machines operation for the purpose of trainings (application recreating working environment and the selected subassemblies of the machine + real control components like remote controller or control panel)
  • Digitalization of movement of human silhouettes using the Motion Capture method with application of state-of-the-art IPI Soft solutions.

Our products and services:



Award of II degree for the project “SafeAR – system for increasing work safety with use of Virtual Reality technology” in 40. edition of the competition Ogólnopolski Konkurs Poprawy Warunków Pracy (Polish Competition of Improvement of Working Condition - November 2012)





Medal of International Fair of Mining, Power Industry and Metallurgy in a competition “Innovative solutions in construction of mining machines and equipment" in the category "Improvement of safety" for the product "System of INSTO Interactive Technical Manuals".




Gold medal of Poznan International Fair in the category “transfer of results of scientific projects to the industry” for the “System of INSTO Interactive Technical Manuals"





Grand Prix SAWO 2010 in the category "Education and prevention” for the PRO-M computer programme, which is the result of project entitled: "Methodical tools aiding assessment of risk in the designing process”







Laboratory of Modelling Methods and Ergonomics

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