Laboratory of Virtual Prototyping Methods

We offer:

  • static calculations with use of Finite Elements Method (FEM), including linear and non-linear models of materials,
  • optimization of shape of spatial computational models (topographic optimization),
  • thermal numerical calculation,
  • numerical strength calculations of toothed gears,
  • calculations of dynamic phenomena with material and geometrical non-linearity (contact effects)  included – impact loads, simulations of collisions,
  • Multibody System (MBS) analyses, which enable to assess the kinematics and dynamics of multibody systems and to define the boundary conditions for FEM,
  • verification and validation of computational models,
  • creation of advanced Internet applications aiding engineering work,
  • numerical calculations for visualization of accidents, damages of technical means,
  • numerical calculations of flow of liquids and gases with use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) method, including multi-phase analyses.


Examples of the project within the virtual prototyping:

  • Safe Trans Design (STD) modular system for shaping the safety during underground transportation
  • Identification of dynamic loads acting on load-bearing components of suspended monorail tracks
  • Dynamic loads acting on operators of suspended monorails
  • Determination of coefficients of static stability of machines for the set operational and load conditions
  • Strength analysis of the system for stabilization of angular gears



Jaroslaw Tokarczyk, Ph.D. Eng.
Manager of the Laboratory of Virtual Prototyping Methods
phone: +48 32 2374419
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