Roadway Machines and Equipment

KOMAG develops concepts, designs and technical documentation of the following roadway machines and equipment

  • roadheaders,
  • side-discharge loaders,
  • drilling jumbos,
  • platforms for assembly of roadway supports,
  • protecting structures for operators stands,
  • diesel drives for underground applications,
  • diesel and electric locomotives for underground mine railway,
  • diesel narrow-gauge locomotives,
  • suspended monorails,
  • transportation-and-manoeuvring battery drivetrains,
  • mine cars and others,
  • railway junctions,
  • underground and surface drill rigs,
  • rotary-percussive drills,
  • small mechanization equipment: hoists and winches with different drives,
  • hydraulic systems for roadway machines of different types,
  • hydraulic power packs,
  • water filters,
  • spraying systems for roadheaders and longwall shearers,
  • air-and-water curtains for transferring points and roadways,
  • spraying nozzles,
  • diesel drive systems.

Solutions for other branches of industry:

  • engineering-and-geological drill rigs,
  • water curtains for open-pit mining industry and processing plants,
  • protecting structures for operators of construction machines,
  • hydraulic drive systems.

Our solutions and achievement:

  • air-and-water spraying installation for roadheaders,
  • air-and-water spraying installation for longwall shearers,
  • spraying nozzles,
  • diesel narrow-gauge locomotives,
  • PCA-1A maneuvering battery drivetrain,
  • WIG-200 engineering-and-geological drill rig,
  • hydraulic starter for diesel drives,
  • MWW-1 small-size drilling jumbo,
  • ŁBT-1200M side-discharge loader with a telescopic boom,
  • T-150/30 pump,
  • electric chain hoists of EWŁ type,
  • small-diameter drill rigs,
  • rotary-percussive drills,
  • self-cleaning filter.

Projects realized at present:

  • Modelling of traction characteristics of drives on the example of vehicles of coal mining industry. Research project No. N N524 354838.
  • Self-cleaning filter with a function of water treatment and protection against big size contaminants. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Grant Agreement No. UDA-POIG.01.04.00-24-059/09-00; UDA-POIG.04.01.00-24-059/09-00 dated 6th October 2010.
  • Designing and manufacture of innovative PCA-1 drivetrain as the result of R&D work. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Grant Agreement No. UDA-POIG.01.04.00-24-022/09-00; UDA-POIG.04.01.00-24-022/09-00.
  • WIG-200 engineering-and-geological drill rig. Targeted project No. 6/ZR 8-2007 C/066989.

Our partners:

Zakłady Mechaniczne Bumar Łabędy S.A.
Energomechanik Sp. z o.o.
image Hellfeier Sp. z o.o.
image Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A.
Kopalnia Doświadczalna Barbara
Fabryka Maszyn i Urządzeń OMAG Sp. z o.o.
Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Szybów S.A.
Techmat Sp. z o.o.
Zakłady Mechaniczne Urządzeń Wiertniczych Sp. z o.o.
Zabrzańskie Zakłady Mechaniczne S.A.


Marek Kalita, Ph.D. Eng.
Manager of the Division of Roadway Systems
phone: +48 32 2374662
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