Longwall Shearers

KOMAG develops concepts, design projects and technical documentations of longwall shearers and their assemblies.They incorporate innovative solutions of such assemblies as:
  • shearer ranging arms,
  • shearer haulage units,
  • flame-proof casings for electric equipment,
  • high-pressure hydraulic installations,
  • water-spraying systems for longwall shearers,
  • cutting drums of longwall shearers.

Image  Image
 R200N ranging arm R300 ranging arm
Image Image
 R500 ranging arm ZN-200 drive system
Image  ImageImage 
 CE-120 electric haulage unit R350 ranging arm R1000 ranging arm
KOMAG develops concepts, design projects and technical documentation of the following equipment:
  • special gears for driving conveyors and rail-mounted vehicles,
  • flame-proof casings for electric equipment of rail-mounted vehicles,
  • small-size drilling rigs,
  • equipment for shaft sinking.
Image  Image
 WMD-150 drilling jumbo TK-SA1 electric apparati box
Image Image
 Driving system of rail-mounted vehicle KPL-15 planetary gear
Image Image
 Gear for repair-and-railway assembly  Shaft sinking equipment