Horizontal Transport

R&D projects as regards machines and equipment for wheel, conveyor and rail transportation as well as designs for technology and machinery industry for materials displacement and transportation systems are realized at the Division of Horizontal Transportation.
We also realize projects for modernization of operating machines and equipment as well as designs of additional equipment for the existing machines.


We design the following machines and equipment:

  • Belt conveyors and flight-bar conveyors.
  • Self-propelled platforms, locomotives as well as electric and diesel drivetrains.
  • Bunkers and equipment for storage of loose materials.
  • Gravitational chutes and feed stream mechanical dividers.
  • Pumps for hydro-transportation and for water.
  • Cutter heads of mining machines (e.g. shearers, dredger cutters).
  • Lifting machines and mining-and-transportation machines.
  • Advanced drive systems.

Designs and documentations as well as modelling of production systems are realized with use of state-of-the-art information technologies and state-of-the-art CAD-3D designing methods.

Model of CLS-120 drivetrain


Model of pump for hydro-transportation
Model of cutter head

We develop and provide the following:

  • Calculations of continuous transportation equipment.
  • Opinions and expert opinions as regards transportation machines and equipment.
  • Documentations for the purpose of certification and products approval as well as supervision over certification process.
  • Services as regards technical consultancy on horizontal transportation and drive systems.

Our solutions:

  • PIOMA-VACAT rack-and-pinion floor-mounted railway
  • SKZ-81 diesel rack-and-pinion railway
  • PIOMA LDS-80 rail locomotive
  • ZCH-350/500 roadway container

Zbigniew Szkudlarek, Ph.D. Eng.

Manager of the Division of Horizontal Transportation

phone: +48 32 2374507

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